Jesus wasn’t focused on teaching his followers information, but on demonstrating a life of worship as He lived among them. By watching Him, they learned to do the same. In following Jesus’ example with our kids, we do our best to share our lives with them in a regular, consistent way. This is what we call 1-on-1 Friendships.

1-on1 Friendships is the discipleship arm of Freedom Fire. Here is where the action is with our kids and where we get front row seats to see the transforming work of the gospel. Whether it’s through bible studies, lunch, going to a ballgame, or studying, it’s all about sharing life with our kids and living a life of worship for them to see and replicate. 1-on-1 Friendships can look like these:

Bible Studies


These are small discipleship oriented groups that meet weekly. Each leader is paired with 2-4 kids to create their group. We match leaders with the age and gender of kids they are most comfortable with. The focus is on building relationships with the kids while spending time in the Word, and having a lot of fun along the way. Meeting times are throughout the week, generally at the most convenient time for the leader, and the curriculum varies with the group.

Bible Studies are usually conducted at the Freedom Fire house at 2111 E. 13th Street. If you would like to get involved, there is no shortage of kids on the waiting list. This is the BEST way to impact a few kids in the City! Call Kevin at 816-726-3862 or e-mail at for more information. Fill Volunteer Application today!

Mentoring Groups


We have many refugee families in the neighborhood that are coming from Muslim backgrounds. Most of these kids will not be allowed by their families to attend a weekly Bible Study, but they regularly attend our Friday outreaches and love Freedom Fire. In order to build deeper relationships with these kids, we conduct Mentoring Groups. These are small groups that meet weekly and cover character issues and other topics relevant to our children. As friendships deepen, these conversations provide an excellent setting for spiritual issues to arise in a non-threatening atmosphere.

Varied Activity Groups

Over the years we have had numerous volunteers get involved with our kids surrounding a certain activity such as Art Class, Sewing, Martial Arts, and Fishing. Each of these has been a fun way to regularly be involved with our kids, while incorporating Bible study or spiritual truth along the way. So if you have a particular interest and would like to involve our kids, please call! We’d love to make it happen