Our mission is to provide an opportunity for those living on the streets of Kansas City to participate in a weekly Christian church service.  We are bringing a non-denominational praise and worship environment into the streets – right where they live.

There are existing churches and faith communities all around Kansas City today – in the downtown area, in the urban core, and in the suburbs. Some of them undoubtably try to reach outside their typical demographic and offer an open door to the poor and homeless as well. Some church groups even send out vans and busses in an effort to bring the poor and homeless off the streets and into their location each Sunday morning. We support and applaud those efforts, but homeless individuals are not flooding into those churches.

Why is that? Because a church building creates a sense of reverence, and an expectation of how a person should look and how they should act. People who have a place to live don’t have any problems cleaning up, putting on presentable clothes, and driving themselves to these churches.

When you are homeless, however, you don’t always feel presentable. You rarely have access to bathroom and shower facilities. You could go to those churches, but you would likely feel out of place and self conscience. From the perspective of the homeless person, people in those church buildings, however good their intentions, are from another world.

The Worship Wagon’s simple mission, then, is to bring church to the streets. We’ll set up faith communities in the environment where the homeless feel comfortable … at home, on the streets, and in their world.

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