Church Partnerships

Freedom Fire has over 30 churches of many denominations all partnering with us to reach the youth in the inner city.

We ask that all churches wanting to be involved with Freedom Fire on a regular basis to adopt Freedom Fire as a part of their missions program. This involves the following three things:

  1. We ask for the church to commit to pray for the ministry on a regular basis.

  2. We ask that volunteers from the church come and help regularly. In return, the staff of Freedom Fire will be available to speak and give testimonies at various church services and functions. Church volunteers may help with a Friday Night Outreach, tutoring, leading small groups of various kinds, and with work days at our office or at our camp.

  3. We ask for regular financial support. This may be helping, for example, with our general budget, or adopting a specific aspect of the ministry, such as providing meals of Friday Nights, or helping with the costs of our tutoring program.


List of Church Partners