Cindy and her Homegirls

Cindy Hixson first met her girls at one of our Friday Night Outreaches. And as sometimes happen, she began to care so much for a few of them she asked if she could spend time with them during the week. Of course you can! That’s what we’re hoping for: that God touches you with a little slice of his love for the kids so you just -- can’t – stay -- away. That’s how her Friday Night Bible club was born. Instead of investing in a bunch of kids in a small way like what happens at the outreaches, she has focused on a few girls in a big way! That’s the model Jesus left for us and we try to follow.Paul said it best in “We loved you so much we were delighted to not only spend …but our lives as well.” As they study the Bible, lots of good questions come up. “When was God born? Why would God send people to Hell, if God is so loving, why is there so many hurting people in the world?Questions about scary stories, abortion, abuse, and homosexuality. Biblical answers for real issues. The Gospel is more caught than taught. They watch Cindy and learn way more than just Bible verses. They see God’s love at work and they want it.As a group, they have gone on lots of outings: roller skating, swimming, making Christmas cookies to give away, serving at Harvesters, and because one of the girls wants to be a fireman, visiting a fire station. And they are learning to love Jesus, learning to pray, and to give his love to others. Cindy says, “They think I’m doing all the ministry, but I’m not. I need them as much as they need me.”Thank you Cindy!!(By the way, any more Cindys out there you can send our way? We love them!)