The McEldowneys

Ryan and Allison McEldowney come to Freedom Fire each week to tutor a couple of brothers, Aaron and Tyson Davis. They started about a year ago, and timing couldn’t have been better. Both boys were new recipients of a scholarship to attend a Christian school through Freedom Fire. It meant a new schedule, new teachers, new building and lots of new faces in their lives. And just as the boys were settling in, tragedy struck their family. It was almost exactly a year ago the Aaron and Tyson lost their mother to heart failure. In the tumultuous year that followed, Ryan and Allison were two consistent faces for our boys. And it wasn’t just tutoring. They took the boys out for pizza, outings to the park, playing basketball, and especially for Tyson, just holding him as he struggled to deal with 6-year-old emotions. This year has started out much better. Of course, the healing from losing their mother will take years, if it ever fully heals. But God has been faithful to these boys, filling the wide gap left by her death with lots of love from people like Ryan and Allison. Thanks McEldownys, for being the hands and feet of God for two special boys here in the city. “He is not so just as to overlook the work and the love you shown him as you have helped him people, and continue to help them.” Hebrews 6:10.