The Soldiers of God, 2018

A very special group of teenage boys at Freedom Fire, self-named the Soldiers of God, have had some VERY COOL experiences this past year. Each month this crew takes an excursion, attempting new things, seeing new places, making new memories. Some of these trips can be intimidating or strange, seeing as how many teens haven't even left the state of Missouri before (Kansas doesn't count). There are times that I take kids on a trip, totally excited to watch them experience something new, only to see them shrink back in fear and refuse to participate (like a trip to the ocean several years ago).I wonder why they aren't as pumped as I am to see new sights?! But then I remember that exploring and traveling were all a part of my upbringing - but mostly foreign to them. And in addition to that, they are raised in a community pervaded with fear - and with good reason sometimes. I remember flying a kite with a young man out in a large field in the country. Me and a few boys were the only ones around for miles - there was simply no one to fear.But young Edward remarked to me, "I don't like it out here in the county, Coach. Someone could do something to you out here."Anyway, all that is to say that doing things our kids are unaccustomed to can be scary. Nevertheless, here are a few of the things our kids have done this year:-Go Flying! And in 2-seater airplanes (actually steering the plane at some points!)-Rode a train to Warrensburg to tour the CMSU campus.-Drove to Columbia, Missouri to see a Tiger Football game-Twice we went tubing at Hillsdale Lake ("Coach you didn't tell us the lake would be this big!")I guarantee NO OTHER KIDS in the neighborhood got to do all this. Way to go Soldiers. I am already excited for 2019.