Drug Deals in Church?

Drug deals go down all the time in the city – sometimes even in church.  One Sunday at Freedom Covenant Church, I was preaching when my wife witnessed a drug deal go down in the back of the church.  Preaching for pastors can be a humbling experience as it is, let alone when nefarious business transactions are taking place during your three key points to holiness.Freedom Covenant has a unique congregation.  We have a number of families from federal housing, a large contingency of homeless people, and a growing number from the suburbs.  We meet in a warehouse located in the heart of the inner city just east of downtown Kansas City.Three weeks after the drug deal went down, an invitation for prayer was given at the end of Sunday service.  The drug dealer came forward and prayed with me to receive Christ as his Lord and Savior.  As we were praying, I noticed that tears were hitting the concrete floor.  Since that time the former dealer has sat in service worshiping with a new perspective on life.

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