With My Last Breath

The gate of the prison swung open and David walked out under a cold, gray sky.  Ironically, David was released to freedom, but he was still bound up on the inside.  The weather reflected the condition of his heart.  He was angry and bitter at God to the point he had openly mocked Him.He was walking the streets of downtown Kansas City when it started to rain.  In an effort to take shelter from the cold damp weather, David crawled into a dumpster.  As he lay in garbage and rank odor, he fell asleep.  In the darkness, he was awakened by a strange shaking.  A garbage truck had lifted up the dumpster.  David was dumped into the back of the truck.  He immediately began to bang on the side of the truck, but the driver could not hear him.  The compactor was closing in on him.  He frantically tried to crawl out, but his legs were caught behind him.  The compactor’s relentless force crushed his ankles, leaving David all the more helpless.  His ribs were being pressed into his lungs.  With what he thought was his last breath, he called out to God for mercy.  Suddenly, the compactor stopped.  When the truck came to a red light, David managed to pull himself out and fell to the street.  He was taken to a hospital.Recovering in the hospital, David told everyone God had saved him from certain death.  Out of gratitude, he promised God he would give up his drugs and drinking.  Since that time, he has stayed clean; however, David never gave himself completely to the Lord.His recovery was amazing, especially since he did not have any lingering problems associated with his injuries.  One year later, he was wandering the streets of downtown once again.   This particular day, David’s ankles had swelled up and there was a dull aching pain.  In his discomfort, he remembered how God had delivered him the year before. He had heard about a new church called Freedom Covenant and decided to go.  During the service, he felt his heart was strangely warmed.  With the help of a pastor, he surrendered his life to the Lord.  That same day the swelling and pain left his body.  David walked out the open doors of the church that day with an open heart as well.

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