Giving is Getting

Camille and Rachel have been tutoring Rikita and Rhayne once a week for the past 2 years. It's unusual for high schoolers to commit to tutoring for one full year of school, much less for two years.  But these are unusual girls.  Then again, how could they not enjoy spending time with 2 little girls as cute and sweet at these two?Rikita and Rhayne are regulars at our weekly outreach in their neighborhood too, and greet us with a hug each week.  Good attitudes, faithful attenders, eager learners – just the kind of child we love investing in. But in giving time to kids like these, you always receive too. It’s heavenly economics, where giving is getting. Both Rachel and Camille talk about what they learn and gain from a single hour each week in the ‘hood. Sitting next to a child you have grown to love, you learn things about yourself you didn’t know. The givers end up receiving in return.Anyway, thanks to Camille and Rachel for giving time each week for these two lovelies.But waitaminnit….After all that giving and getting, maybe you girls should be thanking the kids! That sounds like the kingdom, where everyone’s thanking everyone for the getting you got during the giving you gave.  Only God could come up with such a glorious way to live.