Wednesday Homegirls

When a volunteer offers to lead a Bible Club, we get pretty excited. After breathing a prayer of thanks, we right away get to work on selecting the kids to invite. Drawing from the kids we know from our regular Friday Night Outreach, we try to match members by age, friendships, and location.  We pick those kids who have shown an interest in growing in their faith and are hungry for our friendship.  So when Jessica and a friend called up wanting to volunteer, we picked a handful of girls who fit the profile and help them get started. Jessica and Addie have now been leading these girls in a weekly Bible Club for over two years and for Asianae, Jazmin, Rhonda and Trenyce, life has centered around that time.  What young lady wouldn’t want to spend time with these two excellent role models.  And it’s not complicated: pick up the girls, have a snack at the Freedom Fire house, talk about the highs and lows of the week, share a Bible story, and pray together.The girls begin to see that it’s healthy and good to talk over their lives, their thoughts, and how Jesus fits into all of it.  That the stories in the Bible are real (“Wait, so this means that all of those stories we have been reading really happened?”) and what it means for their young lives, especially as they have moved from grade schoolers to young teens. The best times come from special outings, like to Winstead’s for a birthday milkshake, or the park, or to summer camp.  But it’s the weekly times of discussion that set the stage for the Lord to become real to these special young ladies.  We can’t wait to see what happens in their lives as they continue growing up in God.Yes Lord!