Thursdays with Manda

Amanda is hanging around Freedom Fire about 7 days a week.  She's addicted, ruined, completely pouring her life into the precious young ladies of 12th street.  On Thursdays, she brings 4 young lovelies to her house for schoolwork, then fun and games. Cookies, baking, sewing, board games, making a memory every week.  Ask those girls if they ever want to miss a day at Manda’s house and they answer in two words: NO WAY.  Hey Manda, aren’t you missing out on your tv shows? What about shopping? A boyfriend?  Manda’s not listening. She’s out the door on her way to tutor a kindergartener, or lead a Bible Club, or attend an outreach.  Like Paul, a life poured out like a drink offering.  Is there a better way to live?

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