Keyshawn and Ryan

For 3 years now Ryan has been tutoring Keyshawn, now a 4th grader at Kansas City Christian School. You won't find anyone sweeter or more sensitive than Keyshawn. And for the most part, he is an eager learner. But boy, does he need help staying organized. So tutoring becomes more than academics, it usually spills over to life skills. A volunteer may start out as a tutor, then as the relationship builds they discover the child needs more than help in math and reading. They need all the loving support we can muster. I heard recently that kids need on the average 5 loving adults around them in order to navigate their way through life. And elsewhere I read that the best 'therapy' for kids who have experienced trauma is caring adults around them. So Ryan - and others - are essential if wonderful kids like Keyshawn are to make it. Way to go Ryan. The investment is eternal.

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