Making a Memory

Pauline has been tutoring 3rd grade Shanaira now for a few years, and they have developed a wonderful friendship that goes beyond the after school hours. Pauline invited Shanaira over for a fun Christmas evening last month. Here's how Shanaira described it:What did I do over Christmas?I got to go to Pauline’s house. I made a ginger bread house. It had candy on it like candy canes, gum drops, M&Ms, and icing to keep the house straight. I also played with Pauline’s dogs, cats and watched movies. Next, I went in the hot tub! When I got hot I went to the trampoline and then went right in the hot tub. Then I went to Pauline’s room. She had a beautiful room with a balcony. Pauline let me wear some of her clothes and that’s very helpful, thank you Pauline!The EndOne afternoon doesn't change someone's life.  But making memories are part of building a strong relationship, and it models for our kids how the Christian life should look. Little ones naturally look up to older ones, and if don’t step in to fill that need then other less desirable role models will.

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