It Pays to Stick Around

You just never know how a kid is going to turn out. You can pour your heart and soul into them and sometimes they stomp on it and walk away. Other times you can't tell if you are making an impact or not. And sometimes, it's years later that you see all that God was doing in a boy's heart while you tutored, prayed, taught and toiled over his life.We met Demonta when he was a youngster in grade school and he joined one of our Bible Clubs. Summer camp followed, then tutoring, then a scholarship to a Christian School, and finally college. When Demonta dropped in the other day and we talked about his life, good decisions he is making, being discipled at his church, his desire to live only for Christ and to make an impact on youth - I couldn't help but be SO PROUD OF HIM!Keep going, man. The sky is the limit, and we can't wait to see what you become.
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