Nothing in Common. So What.

What do a middle aged white man from Leawood and a teenage boy from the hood have in common?  Well not much except being part of God’s plan for each other. Terry signed up as a tutor, and was paired with Jershon, a good-natured 8th grader who was a part of our Friday Night Outreaches, and went to summer camp.  They now enjoy hanging out each week, working on math and reading and playing hoops. What’s in it for Jershon?  You might be surprised at how quickly a young man will forget that you look different from him when you are willing to spend time with him. And where our society looks at young men of color and sees a threat, Terry told us that Jershon “is the type of child any parent would love to have; to witness the charisma and potential that exudes from him is a joy!”  It’s not the first time we have discovered, in the most unlikely places, a precious pearl created by the Father.  Way to go, guys.