Loving Means Doing

Most of us probably know the greatest commandment, which Jesus tells us is, simply put, Love God.  If it’s the greatest, you would expect Jesus to talk more about it.  But he doesn’t, not hardly a whisper; instead he just does it.  And the way he does it is by following the 2nd commandment:  Love people.  He spends his days walking from village to town, loving the people around him.After spending lots of time with our kids in the hood over the last several years, I think I get it.  Yes, they need to hear the gospel, but what they really need is to see it.  So we love God by loving the people around us.  Spending meaningful time with kids is loving God, and in doing so we live the gospel in front of them.  They see it, and learn to love Him too.The latest example around Freedom Fire is Megan McGregor. She spent some time with a few girls learning a new craft, and learning what it means to Love God too.
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